What’s The Point?

Photographs by Dan Zev

Zine, 24 Pages, B/W

No Fun Press, June 2011

nofunpress.com, danzev.com

ISBN: 978-0-9869590-2-8

What’s dramatic about the zines by No Fun Press is the juxtaposition of the disturbing title with photos seemingly innocent, mundane situations. Youths sitting around, drinking, smoking, laughing, or just looking at the camera, are surrounded by empty beer bottles or an electric guitar, or nothing at all. Preceded by the quote, “These are stories I’d rather not tell. But if I don’t, no one else will”, the following images are not particularly dramatic, disturbing or unnatural in anyway. However, the framing of the work in the context of its title forces the reader to look deeper into each black and white character, most of which are alone in the frame. Included with the zine is a loose, 11”x17” folded poster that echoes the cover image of the zine. With no other dialogue or writing anywhere else in the booklet, you are drawn to the title and the quote at the zine’s beginning, adding a certain weight and depth that the photographer was no doubt attempting to expose.

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